manufacturer of wooden FMCG for retail chains

We are Russian manufacturer of wooden products for FMCG / OEM segment.
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sawn wood manufacturer

Our production is located in the South of Russia, in close proximity to the beech forests of the North Caucasus.
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manufacturer of wooden backs for brushes

Also we do wooden parts for furniture, hand tool, sports equipment etc...
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supplier of woodchips
We have a lot of wood chips for various industries, such as food, pellet, chemistry etc.
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supplier of wood panels
We have a small but effective production
of wooden panels from oak, beechwood etc...
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We are Winners in nomination!
A-FABRIQUE owners Ivan Kukkoev and Ivan Romanchenko
became an «Young Entrepreneurs» of The Year in Russia.
About Us
A-FABRIQUE is the largest Russian manufacturer of beech wood products: kitchen utensils, interior products, and various wooden components for the light industry.

Our FMCG products 100% comply with the EU quality requirements
and are certified for Food Contact.

Our raw materials plant and production is located in the South of Russia,
in close proximity to the beech forests of the North Caucasus. Since 2019 we supply hardwood lumber — beech, oak, ash, acacia, robinia and others.

Our Main Markets:
Of course, our products presented in such an exotic places as an Senegal. But we have some important markets with regional specific:
Our supplies to Germany:
wooden components for various industries,
sawn hardwood, furniture components
France / BeNeLux
In these region we selling
sawn hardwood, fuel group of goods, wood chips, FMCG
In Spain we selling
wood chips, FMCG and fuel group of goods

China Mainland
To Chinese market we providing sawn hardwood, veneer, parquet
and floor board
Here you can find our FMCG products:
Main focus of our company is on FMCG retail chains, and distribution, such as
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Here you can see some our FMCG products
Meet A-FABRIQUE team
Our team work every day
to provide the best service for you.
Speaks German, Russian
Export Manager (EU, Asia, Americas)
Speaks English, Russian
Export Manager (Middle East, Africa)
Speaks English, French, Arabic, Berberian
Contact Us:
Landline: +7 861 201 60 35
E-mail: info@a-fabrique.ru
Our sales office address is:
67 Novokuznechnaya street, Krasnodar, Russia